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What is Fan of the Match?

Fan of the Match is a gaming module that elevates the fan experience in sports stadiums to a whole new level. Have you noticed the mobile phone use in the stadiums lately? Instead of distracting them from the upcoming game or the sponsored content, we aim to engage each fan in an interactive game that highlights your preferred content and partners.  

In the game, fans strive to become the Fan of the Match by competing against each other in a captivating quiz, with their smartphones as remote! 


Different games to determine who will be the Fan of the Match!

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"The Battle"

Bringing the traditional TV quiz to the stadium

"Team Up"

Fans are bonding. They will not only cheer together but also play & win together!

"The Knockouts"

Estimation questions to determine who is the best player


Ultimate matchday experience

Create a unique, immersive experience by having fans play individually or have them join forces with others in their stand. Whether before or after the game, fans are thoroughly entertained with various game concepts.


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Connect with fans and sponsors

Launch Fan of the Match at your stadium and reap the benefits, including increased fan engagement and social exposure. Fan of the Match creates a whole new platform for digital marketing with clean data collection, in-game ads, promotions and rewards. 

Want to boost your sales by attracting fans to the stadium earlier? Fan of the Match provides exactly that competitive incentive you need to attract them!


Why Fan of the Match?

Innovative and fun way of interaction
Unique experience: before, during and after the match
High sharable value
New business model: in game ads and promotions
Data collection
Implementation: web-based tool and implementation in app optional

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